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Зеленый ветер. Экотуризм
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Зеленый ветер

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Автор Тема: YOUR GALAXY.EU  (Прочитано 12292 раз)
Майкл с Техассщины
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« Ответ #1 : 11 сентября 2008, 19:35:39 »

Ребята, есть такая тема (текст на английском, а также на голландском языке)
*взято с сайта YOUR_GALAXY.EU:    http://www.yourgalaxy.eu/ENG/index.php*
в двух словах: это космос. ((=
Так что если кто решил зажечь, с Вас отчет и фотографии.
Ждем-с с нетерпением!

Virgin Galactic to Launch World's First Commercial Space line: 260 tickets sold worldwide. Unique space travel bookings now available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg through the first and only Accredited Space Agents in the Benelux countries: Your Galaxy Space Tourism, Education & PR

As early as 2009 Virgin Galactic will launch their official representation in the Benelux on Thursday, June 5th with Your Galaxy Space Tourism, Education & PR. This represents a unique opportunity for residents of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to book exclusive and unique space travel aboard Virgin Galactic's suborbital space flights through an accredited space agent. The agency is the first and only elite representative in the Benelux of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, authorised to sell seats. Virgin Galactic, part of the Virgin Group, is the world's first commercial space line to tap into the growing market for space tourism. Testing will begin this summer, followed by commercial flights once the test flight programme is successfully completed.

Majority of Dutch A recent survey showed that 70% of the Dutch population between 20 and 49 years of age would enjoy the unique experience of space travel. Those in the 20 - 29 age bracket showed the greatest interest: 81% would like to blast off into space.

Press-conference The official launch of Your Galaxy Space Tourism, Education & PR will take place on 5 June in the high-tech surroundings of the Space Expo in Noordwijk. Space Expo is Europe's first permanent space exposition. Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Director of Virgin Galactic, will give an introduction on the initiative to the assembled press. He will then sign the exclusive contract with Virgin's accredited space agent Ronald Heister, C.E.O. of Your Galaxy BV. Your Galaxy BV is a joint venture between Ronald Heister Public Relations BV (Amsterdam) and IQ-Media Group (Zwolle), a fullservice media company. Its co-operation was initiated through Mario Ferreira, President and founder of Caminho das Estrelas SA, Virgin Galactic's ASA to Portugal who will be appointed being the Chairman of the Board of Advice to Your Galaxy BV.

New industry The choice for Your Galaxy Space Tourism, Education & PR was made after an intensive screening and training process. 'Our Accredited Space Agents are hand picked and represent the highest standards of professionalism and customer service', says Stephen Attenborough. He continues: 'They combine a personal passion for space tourism and the entrepreneurial spirit needed to represent Virgin Galactic. With a product as unique as Virgin Galactic, these ASA's are helping to pioneer a new industry, one for which the technological advances extend well beyond commercial space travel'.

Space Tourism, Education & PR Aside from space-related product sales, Your Galaxy Space Tourism, Education & PR intends to put space tourism on the map. Developing and offering educational and communication products are part of the company's efforts to blast off as Europe's first office for Space Promotion. Both Caminho des Estrelas - being Europe's first Space Tourism Travel Agency and Your Galaxy, being Europe's first Agency for Space Tourism, Education & PR will work closely together.

The future is now Charles Lindberg made history in 1927 when he completed the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic ocean. This impressive feat will soon be matched: in 2009 people will be able to fly in space thanks to private sector innovation and investment. 'In the future people will fly into space with the same ease as hopping on an aeroplane flight today', says Ronald Heister, the official Dutch representative of Virgin Galactic in the Benelux countries. 'And already, it's Virgin Galactic making the ultimate dream come true for many that wish to have a truly amazing journey.' According to Yillmaz Schoen, business associate of Your Galaxy, it is 'a mere privilege assisting clients making their reservation for a once-in-a lifetime experience'.

Three-day programme Two pilots will fly the spaceship, which can carry a total of six passengers. A ticket for this unique experience costs around 200,000 US dollars (about 135,000 euros). The ticket price covers an all-inclusive, three-day programme, including astronaut training and of course the flight itself. This is just a fraction of the 20 million dollars previously associated with private space travel. Virgin Galactic's flights will depart from Spaceport America, a spaceport in New Mexico. More than 260 people have already booked a flight with Virgin Galactic worldwide, including from the Netherlands, from Belgium and from Luxembourg.
Евгений Пугин
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« : 12 сентября 2008, 00:47:39 »

Да уж! До чего дошел прогрес... Видее просто сумашедшее! Очень хочется так зажечь! Думаю немного погодя мы это зделаем.
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